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Pick-Up and Delivery, Plus Warranties from Scarborough Starters

Whatever make or model, foreign or domestic, your vehicle is, Scarborough Starters can not only save you money with a rebuilt alternator or starter, but we also offer free pick-up and delivery if your car won’t start at all. With 40 years in the automotive industry, the technicians at Scarborough Starters will get you back on the road in good time. And we guarantee your rebuilt alternator or starter will keep working for at least one year with our full warranty.

Contact Scarborough Starters for Expert Troubleshooting

Not sure why your engine has trouble turning over or won’t start at all? Call Scarborough Starters for honest troubleshooting. We won’t rebuild your alternator or starter if it isn’t your real problem.

Do You Have Alternator Problems?

Your car’s alternator is important: It turns your engine’s energy into electricity to power your vehicle’s accessories and keep your battery fully charged. Basically, when your alternator has problems, your car or truck has problems that can include:

  • Slow Starts
  • Dead Battery
  • Dead Electrical Equipment
  • Dimmed Headlights
  • Flickering Gauges or Dash Lights
  • Whining and Growling Engine Noises
  • Burnt Rubber Smells from Your Engine

Bring Your Starter Problems to the Experts in Scarborough

Do you know the symptoms of a bad starter? Your car can fire up in the morning but still have problems caused by a bad starter. Bring your car or truck to Scarborough Starters for diagnosis and rebuilding if you notice some or all of these problems when you start your vehicle:

  • No Response or Clicking Noise to Turning the Key
  • Slow Cranking When You Have a Good Battery
  • Grinding or Whining Motor Noise

Choose Parts from the Largest OEM Stock in Scarborough

On top of our expert parts rebuilding service, we also carry more OEM units than just about any other location in Scarborough. Our OEM parts are perfect for many great brands including:

  • Honda
  • Chevy
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • GM
  • And all major brands

At Scarborough Starters you can also find OEM units for trucks, marine alternators, as well as starters and alternators for all German and Japanese car models.


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